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We have the best experts to elevate your business to the next level. We have a collaborative team of experienced energetic and creative professionals who teams up to amplify your currently running business and processes.

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we are leading provider of bpo services in India, we understand that your customers are the most crucial assets of your organization .We have a collaborative team of experienced energetic and creative professionals who teams up to amplify your currently running business and processes.As a bpo services we provides all type bpo services like Inbound services, Outbound services,back office support ,Tech support, Chat and email , Market research ,Finance & accounting and other bpo services.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Knowledge Process Outsoucing (KPO)
Web Designing
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  • Our focus is always on what’s working well and how we can improve the experience for our clients, and our approach to remain an extraordinary way for companies to “rightsource” and innovate.

    ― Ceo

  • We constantly look for ways to improve and streamline processes so that we providing our customers a credible and responsible customer service centre.


Our Excellence

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is entrusting a superior and specialized service provider with the crucial components of your business activity. All BPO functions invariably have a direct and consequential impact on the business of the enterprise.

BPO is typically categorized into back office outsourcing, which includes internal business functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, and front office outsourcing, which includes customer-related services such as contact centre services.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is the delegating of an activity to the subject matter experts. Indeed, now the best talent of the world is available for the benefit of your enterprise. The activities which require expertise and proficiency of a subject domain can be successfully executed through KPO. You can enhance the scope of your business and diversify the skill-set of your enterprise by infusing knowledge through KPO.

Reasons behind KPO include an increase in specialized knowledge and expertise,additional value creation,the potential for cost reductions, and a shortage of skilled labor.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company (LPO provider).At the core of our services is our endeavor to make life easy for attorneys. We deliver quality and innovative work practices in legal processes.

Our talented team comprising of paralegals and attorneys help clients reduce the cost of legal services and provide on time deliveries. Outsourcing legal work to our highly-qualified team will give you the clear competitive edge over other law firms and corporations in terms of quality, cost and turnaround time.

Services We Offer

Call Center
Data Entry Services
Web Analytics Services
Additional Services
  • Inbound Call Services
    Inbound call is one that a customer initiates to a call center or contact center. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, although calls may be made from employees rather than customers.
  • Outbound Call Services
    Outbound Call Center is where the bulk of the outgoing calls are made from. An Outbound Call Center executes the tele-marketing campaigns, calls up customers for collections, generates crucial leads, does a market survey et al. Every caller of the Call Centers service is like the voice of your enterprise. And you must ensure that they reflect highly of your business.
  • Tele-Marketing
    Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through a subsequent face to face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call.
  • Technical Support
    Technical Support address specific problems with a product or service rather than the provision, customization, training or other support services. Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Technical support may be delivered over by phone, e-mail, live support software on a website,
  • Data Entry Services
    Data entry professionals work on your time zone and in many instances via Virtual networks on your systems. Online, on time and on demand data entry,With over 19 years' experience in data entry and analysis, and multiple delivery centers across the globe, the data entry professionals at ICS have the capability to work on large volumes of data and provide accurate and error-free data entry services.
  • Data Conversion Services
    Data conversion is the conversion of computer data from one format to another. Throughout a computer environment, data is encoded in a variety of ways. For example, computer hardware is built on the basis of certain standards, which requires that data contains,There are many ways in which data is converted within the computer environment.
  • Data Processing Services
    It is with an aim to give you the complete benefits of our data processing that we have designed our process workflow. The structured data processing cycle is an integration of individual processes that are sometime requested as a standalone offering too."the change (processing) of information in any manner detectable by an observer."
  • Online Catalog Services
    Which defines common interfaces to discover, browse, and query metadata about data, services, and other potential resources.Are these mention
    1.Product Data Entry
    2.e-commerce Order Processing
    3.Data Mining
    4.Image and Graphic Support
  • Data Analystics Services
    Data analysis refers to the process of examining, cleaning, altering, and modeling a company's data, so that useful information can be segregated. It aids in suggesting conclusions and allow organizations to make right decisions for their business.
    1.Overwhelming Data, Readily Available for Consumption
    2.Availability of Skilled Data Analytics Professionals
  • Dashboard Creation Services
    Dashboard is an invaluable tool which allows him to analyze and quickly comprehend data in as short a time as possible, so as to make informed data-driven decisions on the spot.Create beautiful dashboards with a few clicks.Custom dashboard reflect your brand and your clients.
  • Reporting & Analytics Services
    Web Analytics and reporting services can help your business make the most of its digital marketing data by identifying actionable insights based on reliable data. We determine what matters most to your business and develop measurement strategies that allow us to target, track, and test everything.
  • Software Setup
    Setup, installation and configuration services include installing operating systems, productivity software, multimedia software, drivers, security software, network and internet and also peripherals such as printer, scanner, router, mobile devices among others.
  • Campaign Analytics Services
    Campaign Analytics Terms and Definitions. Campaign Analytics are statistics relating to a marketing campaign.Marketing campaigns are strategically important to any ... 2009 report: Realizing the Potential of Retail Analytics.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.
  • Google Analytics Services
    Google Analytics Services. Online Metrics provides digital analytics services to help businesses to collect reliable and actionable Google Analytics data. Our core consulting is focused on Google Analytics Audits and Coaching.
  • HR Services
    Human resource management (HR) is one such business function that can be easily outsourced to save on cost, time and effort. At ICS, we have been serving several global organizations with our streamlined HR solutions, experienced personnel and research-based insights.

    Our human resource management services are designed to help customers reduce cost and improve the delivery of HR strategies.

  • Internet Marketing Services
    Internet Marketing Services,Search Engine Optimization. A website should be optimized for search engines to be visible and get its target traffic. Search Engine Marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization. Online Reputation Management. Social Media Marketing. Email Marketing. Mobile App Marketing. App & web Analytics.
  • Internet Publishing Services
    Outsourcing back office processes and projects to India has received plenty of press. Companies are rushing to have there work done in India. First it was the economic slowdown that inspired companies to close departments and outsource their work to India. Now with the economy improved companies are saving money and also discovering that outsourcing allows for rapid expansion.

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